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AX-SNet (Archival eXcellence in Information Seeking Studies Network) is an international network of researchers working to improve access to archives by examining how users seek and use archival information. The scope of research covers user needs analysis and evaluation, metrics, accessiblity, visualisation, modelling, tools and methodology.

AX-SNet began as a research project into user needs metrics for university and college arhives and special collections (Original AX-SNet project). It was developed into a network of international researchers interested in archive access and user issues at a workshop orgainsed by Anneli Sundqvist at Mid Sweden University in 2005. Since then AX-SNet has grown organically and has met once per year to develop its research agenda, present research and seek new collaborations.


AX-SNet aims to:

What we do

AX-SNet aims to meet once per year, so far we have met in Harnosand, Sweden in 2005, Glasgow, Scotland in 2006, Kingston, Canada in 2007, Netherlands in May 2008 and USA 2009. Members also meet informally at conferences around the world. These meetings are used to introduce new members, present new research, update existing projects and develop a coordinated international research agenda. Crucially, they enable fellow travellers to meet, new collaborations to be established and good food and drink to be consumed.

Above all AX-SNet is about providing a means for like minded researchers to exchange ideas, comments and support.

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