AX-SNet Meeting, DigCCur Conference, UNC Chapel Hill, April 2009

Members of Axsnet attending the DigCCur Conference at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill met to discuss how to progress the research agenda developed at the previous meeting in the Netherlands. It was greed that the research agenda needed further refinement before it was more widely distributed and actions were agreed to progress this.

AX-SNet Access Experts Meeting, Egmond aan Zee and Breda, Netherlands, May 2008

Members of AX-SNet were invited by the Dutch Archiefschool to participate in an Archive Access Experts meeting in Egmand aan Zee 13-15 May to develop a coordinated research agenda for the domain. This was followed by an International Symposium in Breda on 16 May to present the initial results of the meeting and presentations on various elements of current and proposed research. A longer report of the meeting and work schedule will appear in due course. In the meantime work has begun refining the many research themes and questions that emerged over a very enjoyable and productive week. All members of AX-SNet will be invited to contribute to this development over the coming months.

AX-SNet Meeting, Association of Canadian Archivists, Kingston, Canada, June 2007

AX-SNet members attending the Association of Canadian Archivists Conference in Kingston, Ontario, Canada will meet at 4pm on Friday 22nd June in the Foyer of Ban Righ Hall.

Meeting Report Here (opens in a new browser window)

AX-SNet Institute, Association of Canadian Archivists, Kingston, Canada, June 2007

AX-SNet will be running the ACA Institute on the 18th and 19th of June on Why do they do that? Getting to know our users through effective user research. See the ACA Conference web site for details:

AX-SNet Meeting, University of Glasgow June 2006

Read the Agenda here: Glasgow Meeting Agenda (opens in a new browser window)

Research Workshop, University of Mid Swden June 2005

Read the report here: Mid Sweden Meeting Report (opens in a new browser window)


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